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The United Nations Development Programme in Romania

UNDP operates in Romania through the Country Office in Bucharest.  UNDP’s work in Romania is outlined in the Country Programme (CPD) 2010-2012, adopted by the UNDP Executive Board in September 2009 and  ts implementation plan - Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) 2010-2012,   approved by the Romanian Government in December 2010.

 UNDP has sharpened its programme focus for the period 2010-2012 on:

  • Deepening democratic practice and social inclusion
  • Capacity building for the promotion and protection of global and regional public goods
  • Strengthening Romania’s international development cooperation and aid effectiveness

For the success of its ongoing and future activities in Romania UNDP relies on the close relationship and cooperation with its partners, including the international community, central government, local authorities, civil society organizations and the private sector. UNDP grounds its partnerships on the common visions of Romania’s development goals and priorities.

History of UNDP in Romania

Established in 1972, the UNDP Country Office in Bucharest was the first UNDP field office to function in a former Warsaw Pact member state. It wasn't until two decades later that other offices opened in the neighboring countries of the former Socialist bloc.

After the 1989 Revolution of Romania, UNDP assumed a more dynamic role and became a partner of the Government  and civil society in its new development programmes. Over the past 20 years of activity in Romania, UNDP identified disparities and areas of vulnerability in human development, demonstrated local-level solutions to these challenges, and followed-up by expanding the scale of these solutions and mainstreaming them into governmental programmes and strategies. Completed activities are outlined and presented in the Country Program Action Plan for 2005-2009.

UNDP is currently implementing the 2010-2012 Country Programme Action Plan, which provides a collective, coherent and integrated system response to national priorities, including Romania’s Millenium Development Goals, to respond to key challenges of EU-integration.

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