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Our Work

UNDP’s work in Romania is based on the legal framework provided by the Standard Basic Assistance Agreement (SBAA) concluded between the Government of Romania and the United Nations Development Programme. This document provides the legal basis for cooperation between UNDP and the Government of Romania and stipulates the conditions under which UNDP assists the Government in carrying out its development objectives. The Agreement was endorsed through Decision no. 113/1991 of the Government of Romania, published in the Official Gazette (Monitorul Oficial) No. 81/17 April 1991.

What we do?

With the accession to the European Union in 2007, Romania entered an extremely important stage in its development. Consequently, UNDP focuses its work in Romania to support the country to fully utilize the national, regional and international development opportunities offered by the EU membership. UNDP Romania’s focuses the present work in the following areas:

  • deepening democratic practice, social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups;
  • promotion of regional partnerships for the protection of shared public goods, such as environment;
  • leveraging Romania's transition experience for its increased participation in international development cooperation.

The three pillars of the UNDP Country Programme (2010-2012) mutually enforce the strategic objective of establishing in Romania a basis for a UN-UNDP partnership structure beyond 2012, when the Country Programme expires. The activities and results supported by the Country Programme are further detailed in the Country Programme Action Plan (2010-2012), agreed with the Government of Romania in December 2010. In light of its EU member status, the largest share of financing required for the implementation of the current country programme is ensured by the Romanian Government.

Some ongoing UNDP projects are the result of implementation of the 2005-2009 Country Programme. Economic growth for poverty reduction and response to the HIV/AIDS threat, democratic governance and energy and environmental governance were main objectives of UNDP under the previous Country Programme Action Plan (2005-2009). Within each area of its work UNDP also invests efforts in the promotion of human rights, gender equality and empowerment of vulnerable social groups.

UNDP Programme Resources

Overall the UNDP programme in Romania is sizable among other programme resources in the region. Under the 2005-2009 Country Programme, delivery through the end of 2009 reached approximately 26 million USD. The Country Programme Action Plan (2010-2012) envisages mobilization of funding worth 10 million USD. The amount does not rely on either UNDP core-funding or on the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), as in previous years, but relies on new financing sources. A comprehensive list of ongoing and upcoming projects is available here.

Monitoring and Evaluation Culture

UNDP Romania developed in time a strong country office culture of monitoring and evaluation of its work. UNDP sets goals, monitors progress and undertakes corrective actions in pursuit of development objectives. The favorable institutional environment and the commitment of the Management and the staff represent important factors for development of the monitoring and evaluation practice in UNDP Romania. In addition, the financing of the Country Programme by non-core resources (i.e., to a great extent by governmental resources) contributes to developing a result-based management approach: in a non-core environment, resources are “earned through demonstration of results”.


UNDP Romania is working with a large number of national and international partners, including UNDP office counterparts, central government, local authorities, civil society organizations and the private sector, most of which included in the Partners’ list here.

National Human Development Reports

Published since 2001, the UNDP Romania Human Development Reports are the core advocacy tool for human development, encouraging policy dialogue and debate on sustainable growth and development. National Reports scrutinize the human development needs and potential and come up with ideas for more choices for a life in dignity, prosperity and based on fundamental rights.

Millennium Development Goals

UNDP takes a leading role in local coordination efforts for advocacy, monitoring, and implementation of Millennium Development Goals. In view of the country’s membership in the European Union, the Millennium Development Goals in Romania have been aligned to the average indicators of EU member states.

Our Vision

The Romania Country Programme (2010 – 2012) sets the framework for the forthcoming activities of UNDP Romania, based on the country’s development priorities and drawing on the 40 years national experience for the Country Office. The primary objective in consolidating existing programmes and starting new projects is to support Romania to enhance its capacity to use development opportunities as an EU member.

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