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With its accession to the EU Romania entered an extremely important stage in its development. The UNDP Country Programme Action Plan for 2010-2012 supports Romania to use fully the development opportunities of EU membership and diminish disparities between Romania and other EU member states. As a trusted partner of the Romanian government, local authorities, civil society and private sector and based on combining international best practices and Romanian experience, UNDP stands ready to offer an effective response to the main development challenges.

UNDP activities in Romania are focused in the following key thematic areas:

  • Romania’s increased role in international development cooperation and aid effectiveness
  • Capacity building for the promotion and protection of global and regional public goods (e.g., shared environmental protection and climate stability through cross border cooperation)
  • Social inclusion, economic and political empowerment of vulnerable groups

These thematic areas enable a better focus of UNDP development activities at national level, provide framework for its programmes and projects, and connect them with well-defined outcomes. Following the priorities set in the current Country Programme Action Plan 2010-2012, UNDP Romania implements programmes and projects in the following focus areas and their respective sub-areas:


1.  Promoting MDG achievement and fostering inclusive participation

1.1 Policy reform for social inclusion, economic and political empowerment of vulnerable groups and women’s participation in political processes

1.2 Social economy models for Roma inclusion

1.3 Engaging civil society in policy decision making to increase inclusion of marginalized groups

1.4 Strengthening the rule of law and effectiveness of judicial system to promote rights of disadvantaged groups

2. Supporting Romania in the promotion and protection of local, regional and public goods, including biodiversity, climate stability

2.1 Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Black Sea region, climate change mitigation and adaptation

2.2 Enhancing Romania’s energy efficiency through local interventions

2.3 Cross-border development cooperation for the Danube Delta, the Lower Prut and the Carpathian Mountains.

3. Achieving the MDGs and developing Romania’s International Cooperation and Aid Effectiveness

3.1 Strengthening Romania’s official development assistance (ODA)

3.2 Ensuring Romania’s contribution to international development cooperation programmes, in line with the Paris Aid Declaration, in support of the MDGs


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