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Social Inclusion, economic and political empowerment of vulnerable groups

UNDP Country Programme 2010-2012 concentrates on the social inclusion, economic and political empowerment of vulnerable groups in Romania, in an effort to reduce the socio- economic disparities between Romania and other EU Member States. UNDP assists national authorities and civil society to formulate and implement projects benefiting from the funding made available to Romania through EU-funded operational programmes.

UNDP supports Romanian authorities, including those responsible for the management and programming of structural and cohesion funds, by developing and implementing strategic initiatives in the area of social inclusion, benefiting the Roma, the disabled, young people leaving institutional care, women and other potential disadvantaged groups. At the same time, the programme addresses the imbalances of the labor market, the challenges posed by migration and the impact of the economic downturn on Romania.

The Country Programme helps Romania in the social inclusion focus area with a view to render the national experience and expertise, lessons learned and best practice to other countries participating in international forums for social inclusion, e.g. Decade for Roma Inclusion. Special emphasis is put on initiatives that may be adapted to the needs of Romania’s development assistance priority countries.

UNDP connects Romanian Government and local communities to global best practices and develops innovative projects that nourish economic and environmental sustainable livelihoods, promoting the social economy concept in Romania. In the context of Romania’s commitments as an EU member state, the fight against social exclusion has become one of the main priorities of the Government, which has already identified the funding for its continued efforts to deepen democratic and inclusionary practices for protecting the rights of vulnerable groups. They include resources made available from the consolidated budget, the European Structural Funds, UN funding and others.

UNDP's support to social inclusion and economic and political empowerment of marginalized groups in Romania falls into two broad categories: capacity development and civil society engagement in decision-making process. To influence change and reduce social exclusion, UNDP Romania streamlines local programming to large-scale programmes managed by the Romanian Government. It works through pilot projects, policy advice and advocacy.

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