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Project data

Project ID: 14599

Status: completed (oc)

Duration: May 2003 - Dec 2012

Management Arrangements: NIM with CO Support


Total: 3 003 838 USD



Geographic Focus

Renewal of urban national historic centers and urban unemployment in Alba Iulia, Bistrita, Braila, Brasov, Bucuresti, Craiova, Medias, Miercurea Ciuc, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Sulina, Targoviste.

Sector and Subsector

Socio-Economic: Economic growth and Poverty Reduction

UNDAF outcome

By 2009 enhance national economic growth and reduce poverty levels among vulnerable groups through sustained social inclusion and capacity promotion.

Expected CP Outcome(s)

• Urban sustainable development- improvement of the urban environment in historical city centers.
• Reduced poverty among vulnerable groups.

Beautiful Romania

Management Arrangements (NEX)
The Beautiful Romania project is implemented under National Execution arrangements (NEX), having the Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Heritage (MCRANH) act as Executing Agency. The employment component is developed with support from the National Agency for Employment, whereas the urban renewal component is developed in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Heritage and the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing. Participating local authorities are the implementing agencies.
The Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs, and National Heritage and the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing and the participating local authorities each appoint a Project Director to oversee the delivery of the project within the terms of this document and as per the Memoranda of Understanding. Where applicable, they also oversee the Cost Sharing Agreements between the United Nations Development Programme and these institutions.

2003 – 204.281 USD
2004 – 277.223 USD
2005 – 400.691 USD
2006 – 291.477 USD
2007 – 651.967 USD
2008 – 607,180 USD
Nationalized MDG focus
Goal 1, Target 1, 3
The preservation of historical city centers is a priority in Romania, where the majority of the towns urgently need to have protected and revitalized their architectural and urban heritage, which includes buildings, monuments, parks, pedestrian areas, and small squares. The challenge is to revigorate these areas by offering them a sustainable development and functionality as part of a rehabilitation scheme of the cities, to make the urban centers competitive within a globalized economy, in which culture needs to remain specific to each area, fostering and promoting the local spirit, the identity and the sense of belonging to a community for their inhabitants.
In line with the philosophy of the project, the restoration of the urban, architectural or artistic heritage went from the finality in itself (the saving of the old buildings simply for their substance) to the role of a vehicle for some complex finalities such as the revitalization of urban historical centers, the creation of jobs, the development of small businesses in connection with the rehabilitation process. Activities developed in this framework will improve, the living process in the old districts and contribute to tourism in its sustainable forms: eco-tourism, cultural and historical tourism, urban exploration.
The Beautiful Romania Project was developed on the basis of the good practices exercised between 1999 and 2002 when the Beautiful Bucharest Project was unreeled. Within this project ten facades from the historical center of Bucharest, two schools and the Marriage House from the third district were restored. The social component of this project consists of the involvement of post-institutionalized young people or of the young unemployed in the open work sites, as well as in placing them in abodes, while the technical and functional component focuses on the development of certain pilot projects concerning the restoration, rehabilitation, refunctioning and image improvement for certain buildings or public spaces in urban historical centers.
Programme Area (Focus Area)
The Beautiful Romania project aims to generate urban employment while initiating a process of revitalization of currently neglected and degraded historical buildings in the centers of several Romanian cities.
The project will provide training and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth, support the Romanian government and municipalities in the rehabilitation of the country’s valuable urban heritage, and contribute to the Government’s efforts for social and economic development.
Objectives 2009 - 2010


For the 2009-2010 period, we aim:
-  To continue the fundraising activities through the collaboration with the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, the Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Heritage, and with the local authorities which assisted us in implementing projects between 2003 and 2008;
-  To build new partnerships locally, regionally and nationally for the creation of strategic projects and/or projects of sustainable development that can be financed through the European structural funds;
-  To invest in activities related to PR and marketing that include: the creation of a new webpage for the beautifulromania.ro brand, the promotion of the project through the on-line social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter) and other web 2.0 technologies the promotion in parallel of the  project activities  through the channels of the partners as well, the elaboration of a physical support of identity for the project and the establishment of partnerships in order to get the media involved;
-  To develop the Beautiful Rural Romania component of the project;
To open an on-line resource centre in order to create sustainable initiatives in the area of the protection and capitalization of the cultural, architectural and historical heritage of the country;

- To open and activate a Volunteering Centre.


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Expected Output & Planned Activities

- training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth; - supporting the Romanian Government and municipalities in the rehabilitation of the country’s valuable urban heritage; - supporting the development of urban cultural tourism; - supporting the sustainable development strategies of local authorities; - contributing to the Romanian Government’s efforts for social and economic development.


Beautiful Romania Project Presentation (English Version, Versiunea in limba Romana)


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Contact info

Project address

Bucuresti, Walter Maracineanu Square, no. 1-3, room 323, 4th fl.

Implementation Agency / Main Partner

The Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Heritage

UNDP Programme Supervision

Mircea Mocanu, Head of Socio-Economic Section
Silviu Sandulache

Project Manager

Catalina Preda

Stand Against Poverty
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