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Project ID: 50689

Status: ongoing

Duration: Jan 2007 - Dec 2007

Management Arrangements: NEX


Total: 140 000 USD



Geographic Focus


Programme component (MYFF Service Line)

5.2 Development planning, implementation and HIV/AIDS responses

UNDAF outcome

By 2009, administrative capacity is strengthened at central and local level to develop, implement and monitor sustainable policies and programs - emphasizing transparency, accountability and participation - in the areas of public service delivery, environmental governance and the protection of the rights of vulnerable groups.

Expected CP Outcome(s)

Increased capacity of the government to efficiently respond to HIV/AIDS in the areas of planning, programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Matei Bals HIV/AIDS Centre


UNDP played a lead role in the elaboration of the National HIV/AIDS strategy, through a multi-stakeholder consultative process. In addition, UNDP implemented projects on “Support to the HIV/AIDS Strategic Planning” and “HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Vulnerable Groups”, set up the first on-line counseling website in Romania and provided confidential advice through the Internet on topics such as HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), substance abuse and unwanted pregnancy. Other HIV/AIDS projects included “Continuing Medical Education for healthcare workers” and “Multimedia Information and Education Kit for teachers”.

The strategy of the current project is based on both current and planned activities of UNDP in HIV/AIDS, as they result from the UNDAF 2005-2009, and on the evolving national and regional context. Therefore, the proposed Center is to be established as a UNDP project with a limited financial support for its first year of activity. During this period the Center will better define its identity, its medium-term strategy and will start the process of becoming a Romanian legal entity under the legislation for NGOs. Also in its first year of activity the Center will consolidate its capacity to identify, document and facilitate the sharing of technical capacity and expertise within Romania and between Romania and other countries in the region.


UNAIDS and the Institute for Infectious Diseases „Prof. Dr. Matei Bals” in Bucharest - coordinator of the National HIV/AIDS Programme of Ministry of Health - have agreed to set-up the Matei Bals HIV/AIDS Center in partnership with UNDP. The Institute will host the Center and also will provide access to its treatment and prevention facilities. The Institute is already hosting the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of the HIV/AIDS treatment programme. This Unit will be expanded into a M&E Unit for the whole implementation of the National Strategy for HIV/AIDS, through the establishment of this Center. The Institute is also member of the National HIV/AIDS Commission and currently took over the role of facilitating the development of major components of the new National HIV/AIDS Strategy with the support of UNAIDS and UNDP.

The Center’s role to facilitate the national strategic planning process, will be harmonized with the better coordination of funds allocation that can result by using an integrated HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation system. The Center is aimed to offer services and support both to government sector and NGO sector and it has to keep neutrality and to play a role of brokering technical assistance and other type of services. It will also provide technical and financial assistance to the national response and will ensure the transition from an externally assisted body to a self-sustainable mechanism.

(Achievements &) Expected Results

The Center will become a non-governmental Romanian legal entity and, by the end of the project, will have a well-established fundraising and sustainability strategy. With the premises secured by Matei Bals Institute for Infectious Diseases, its structure fully functional, and a leadership secured by its board, the Center will only have to maintain staff attracted during its first year of existence and hire (if necessary) supplementary one. Its sustainability will be ensured through national and international projects.

Expected Output & Planned Activities

Facilitate the national strategic planning processes and provide integrated technical assistance to the national response to HIV/AIDS. Improve dissemination and exchange of information and best practices at national and regional level.
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Contact info

Project address

"Matei Bals" Institute for Infectious Diseases, 1 Dr. Calistrat Grozovici St., Bucharest 2, Tel./Fax ++4021 318 6199, office@hivromania.ro, www.hivromania.ro

Implementation Agency / Main Partner

"Matei Bals" Institute for Infectious Diseases

National Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Adrian Streinu-Cercel

UNDP Programme Supervision

Anca Stoica, Head of Democratic Governance Section a.i., anca.stoica@undp.org, +4021 201 78 21

Project Manager

Mioara Predescu, mioara_predescu@yahoo.com, +4021 2017823

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