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Project data

Project ID: 14593 / Activity 3

Status: completed (fc)

Duration: Jun 1998 - Dec 2005

Management Arrangements: NEX


Total: 86 000 USD



Geographic Focus

Bucharest, Sibiu, Brasov, Bacau, Comanesti, Focsani, Constanta and Braila. The target group consisted of children and teenagers between 8-18 years old, living in orphanages, with good grades in school and a genuine desire to improve their educational leve

UNDAF outcome

Enhanced national economic growth and reduced poverty levels among vulnerable groups.

Expected CP Outcome(s)

To establish a network of computer clubs at national level, to the benefit of a large number of disadvantaged children and youth.

Computer Clubs for Children


This project targeted to provide disadvantaged children (orphans and/or children coming from poor families) with access to modern education. The main activities of the project consisted in establishment of computer clubs located in the premises of orphanages or schools.

Through access to and learning of IT and Internet communications, these clubs were designed to open new windows to the world to these disadvantaged children.

Achievements & Expected Results

Currently, 13 such clubs are already established and running (4 in Bucharest and one in each of the following: Sibiu, Brasov, Bacau, Comanesti, Focsani, Constanta and Braila).

Over 1300 children are enrolled in training sessions provided by young students from IT-related universities.

Expected Output & Planned Activities

Participants to learn word-processing and spreadsheet skills, and discover new ways of communication with the world thanks to the Internet. To provide participants the appropriate skills for finding work in the modern business world when they’ll grow up, and prepare them to become productive self-supporting members of the society.


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Contact info

Project address

Blvd. Primaverii, 48 A, sector 1, Bucharest

Implementation Agency / Main Partner

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

UNDP Programme Supervision

Mirela Iancu, Programme Associate

Contact Person in UNDP [Programme Associate]

Florin Banateanu, National Officer

Project Manager

Raluca Campea

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