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Project data

Project ID: 47111

Status: completed (oc)

Duration: Oct 2005 - Oct 2009

Management Arrangements: NEX


Total: 2 347 000 USD


Energy and Environment

Geographic Focus

Macin Mountains National Park

UNDAF outcome

1: Capacity Building for Good Governance - By 2009, administrative capacity is strengthened at central and local level to develop, implement and monitor sustainable policies and programmes - emphasizing transparency, accountability and participation - in the areas of public service delivery, environmental governance and the protection of the rights of vulnerable groups.
CP Outcome 1.1 Environmental governance strengthened at central and local levels and greater compliance with EU environmental standards and international conventions achieved. (UNDP)

Expected CP Outcome(s)

To conserve globally significant biological diversity by strengthening Romania's emerging national system of protected areas.

Strengthening Romania's Protected Area System by Demonstrating Best Practices for Management of Small Protected Areas in Macin Mountains National Park


GEF: US$ 975,000 Parallel Financing Government US$ 1,592,000 in-kind and US$ 250 000 cash UNDP Romania US$ 55,000 NGOs (in-kind) US$ 25,000
Total: US$2,347,000


Nationalized MDG Focus

Goal 7, Target 1.2


Small protected areas, when managed as “islands” in a productive landscape “sea,” lose biodiversity over time. The objective of this project is to demonstrate a landscape-oriented method of managing small protected areas and improve the conservation effectiveness of protected areas. The objective of this project is to demonstrate a landscape-oriented method of managing small protected areas and improving the conservation effectiveness of protected areas and to serves as a basis for replication across the emerging national system of protected areas in Romania.

Project outcomes

Outcome 1. The productive landscape around Macin Mountains National Park is made more biodiversity friendly:a) Board of Directors (BoD) for MMNP established;b) Conservation landscape context of MMNP defined;c) Priority habitats in the productive landscape around MMNP identified and conserved;d) Model sustainable agriculture and forest management piloted by schools, farmers and foresters in lands around MMNP;e) Park’s relationships with local communities strengthened.

Outcome 2. Macin Mountains National Park management capacity and conservation effectiveness is secured: a) MMNP management plan developed following best practice guidelines;b) Management, technical and collaborative enforcement capacity of MMNP is strengthened;c) Park is demarcated in the field and infrastructure made operational;d) New revenue generating opportunities for Macin National Park created;d) Information baseline as a basis for informed adaptive management consolidated and strengthened.

Outcome 3. Replication of small protected area management best practices across national PA system is ongoing:a) Applied and refined “best practices” for small protected area management.b) New basic training program for PA managers established;c) Regulatory and policy mechanisms requiring the NFA and the MEWM to adopt best practices;d) Knowledge network formed by managers of small protected areas, NGOs and the private sector.

(Achievements &) Expected Results

Since its start, the project has built a strong stakeholder support by involving local communities and stakeholders in the Park activities, in the following ways: supporting joint study tours where Park staff and local authorities visit other protected areas in Europe to learn how PA can benefit local communities; working with local councils to organize special council meetings on park matters; co-funding local stakeholders’ sustainable development initiatives (e.g .information center, public awareness) and working with children from schools around the national park – special events, field trips, study of park management plan.

This approach of involving local people from the beginning of the project has been invaluable in improving local acceptance and support of the park itself and in helping the Park to work effectively with local stakeholders on issues affecting the park in the surrounding landscape.

Achievements and lessons learned

  • The local forest districts involved in the project/park have greatly improved their understanding of environmental services;
  • Both field and staff people from local National Forest Administration and PA learn to appreciate environmental services and to promote these services as an alternative to the focus on wood production. Because of the project, process of traditional forest exploitation and the process of traditional conservation approaches in traditional forest management  became harmonized;
  • As a result of this project and the work of the Park with monitoring and research and focusing on biodiversity and natural forest ecosystem health, the district forest managers of the NFA are now applying the most biodiversity-friendly forest harvest methods. This are methods that might be extended to the whole county and may be scaled up to the national level of replication across Romania’s system.
  • MMNP has worked extensively with development interests and local authorities to reach compromises on development vs. conservation, effectively expanding the mandate of protected areas in Romania to look beyond their own borders to the surrounding landscape in order to achieve sustainable conservation and development.

Expected Output & Planned Activities

A landscape-oriented method of managing small protected areas and improving conservation effectiveness is demonstrated in Macin Mountains National Park and constitutes a model for replication across the emerging national system of protected areas.



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Str Isaccei 25, Tulcea

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National Forest Administration
021- 3171005

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Thore Hansen

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Monica Moldovan

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Viorel Rosca

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