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Project ID: 41462

Status: completed (oc)

Duration: Aug 2005 - Aug 2009

Management Arrangements: NEX


Total: 2 132 600 USD


Energy and Environment

Geographic Focus

Maramures Mountains Natural Park

UNDAF outcome

1: Capacity Building for Good Governance - By 2009, administrative capacity is strengthened at central and local level to develop, implement and monitor sustainable policies and programmes - emphasizing transparency, accountability and participation - in the areas of public service delivery, environmental governance and the protection of the rights of vulnerable groups
CP Outcome 1.1 Environmental governance strengthened at central and local levels and greater compliance with EU environmental standards and international conventions achieved. (UNDP)

Expected CP Outcome(s)

Strengthening Romania's national system of protected areas by disseminating lessons and good practices extracted from the Maramures demonstration of an effective protected area model.

Strengthening Romania's Protected Area System by Demonstrating Government NGO Partnership in Romania's Maramures Nature Park


Project 00041462 US$ 975,000 Parallel Financing Government (in-kind) US$ 1,012,000 UNDP Romania US$ 50,000 NGOs (in-kind) US$ 95,600 Total US$ 2,132,600"

Nationalized MDG Focus

Goal 7 Target 1.2


In 2000, a group of concerned citizens, representing a cross section of civil society in the Maramures region, came together to conserve the biological diversity and ecosystem integrity of the Maramures Mountains. The group formed the Maramures Biodiversity Consortium and developed this project to help strengthen their resource-use planning and environmental governance capacity in a rural region of northern Romania. The successful completion of the project will result in stakeholders devising innovative and adaptive practices to strengthen Maramures Park management and facilitate sustainable economic development by strengthening newly developed partnerships, conservation tools, information, and sustainable livelihoods to conserve biological diversity.

This project seeks to strengthen Romania’s national system of protected areas by demonstrating effective biodiversity conservation in Maramures Mountains Natural Park in Romania’s northern Carpathian Mountains.

Project outcomes

Outcome 1 Stakeholders make Maramures Mountains Natural Park fully operational : a) designation of Maramures Mountains as a nation-wide protected area; b) strengthening the relationship with local communities; c) improvement of its field conservation capacity; c)establishment of an information baseline;d)ensurance of replicability of best practices across the national protected area system.

Outcome 2 Stakeholders Strengthen Environmental Governance across Maramures: a) involvement of civil society in the forest management process;b) development of a landscape-scale conservation plan for the park;c) mainstreaming landscape-based approach into local development plans;

Outcome 3 Stakeholders recognize and begin to realize real value in natural capital, strengthening the link between sustainable use and conservation within MMNP: a)creation of a marketplace of knowledge, goods and services of a conservation economy; b )introduction of market based solutions to environmental problems (e.g. wood waste to energy); c) ecotourism demonstrations and planning; d)certification of forest and its products and market demonstration. "

(Achievements &) Expected Results

The project had made an impressive start in the first year of implementation and secured outstanding support from key stakeholders. Some of the indicators at the objective level have been not only achieved, but exceeded. During the second year of implementation, the project efforts led to successfully mainstreaming of environmental and traditional architecture consideration into the local development planning. Currently the Park is near to completing the information baseline and area zoning- which will form the foundation of the Park's management plan. Among the first actions taken by the newly formed Maramures Nature Park under this project was to leverage additional UNDP Trust Fund money to support the modernization of local schools’ heating system and windows within the Park. This action established a solid foundation of trust between the Park and local authorities. This trust has been a crucial foundation upon which it has been able to build subsequent partnerships with local stakeholders. The project helped  at boosting of local economy  on the same time  conserving biodiversity by  providing seed funding to catalyze sustainable development businesses in or near the Park. (development of a saw dust briquette plant; the briquettes will be used as fuel , which in turn will reduce a primary threat to the Park’s aquatic ecosystems namely the illegal dumping of saw dust).

Expected Output & Planned Activities

The biodiversity of Maramures Mountains Natural Park in Romania's Northern Carpathian Mountains is effectively conserved by adopting an effective protected area management model.



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Implementation Agency / Main Partner

National Forest Administration

UNDP Programme Supervision

Thore Hansen
Monica Moldovan

Project Manager

Costel Bucur

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