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Project ID: 56413

Status: completed (fc)

Duration: Apr 2007 - Apr 2008

Management Arrangements: DEX


Total: 125 000 USD


Energy and Environment

Geographic Focus

Suceava county

UNDAF outcome

By 2009, Administrative capacity strengthened at central and local level to develop, implement and monitor sustainable policies and programmes in the areas of public service delivery, environmental governance and the protection of vulnerable groups

Expected CP Outcome(s)

Environmental governance strengthened and greater compliance with EU Environmental standards and international conventions achieved

Every Drop Counts


The project’s overall goal is to increase local communities access to a sustainable water supply system. The project’s main objective  is to develop an integrated rural water and waste watermanagement strategy which can be replicated country wide. The proposed outcomes  are:

Outcome 1: An integrated study of the region, encompassing different options for interventions in the three pilot areas: Dorna Candrenilor, Cosna and Poiana Negri.

Outcome 2: Training of the local authorities for mobilization of EU funds and other funding sources, in order to implement the construction works for the water supply system and other development initiatives.

Outcome 3: Awareness campaign on water management issues. The ultimate impact of the project is an increased access of rural communities to a sustainable and healthy water supply system.

The short term project impact will be observed at:

1. Local community level: training of the local authorities will build capacity for developing and implementing projects and further access primarily, but not limited to, EU funds,in order to implement the most feasible water supply system. The awareness campaign will deliver the information needed in order to create awareness and understanding of the main environmental issues in the region and the impact of the improper waste disposal in the river and on the river banks.

2. High level decision making level (TCCC, UNDP, MESD etc): Increased awareness on The Coca-Cola/UNDP regional partnership; significant potential for country wide replication of the projects lessons learned through linkage with other UNDP projects such as ‘Local Agenda 21’.

3. Long term impact of the project: - on human health – through the access to a clean water supply system; - on environment level will be the improved water quality by reduction of pollution through waste disposal on river banks and treatment of waste water.


The entire regional project's budget: 5,000,000 USD Coca Cola EMED and 1,250,000 USD UNDP; The Romanian project component is 125,000 USD : from Coca Cola EMED 100,000 USD and from UNDP 25,000 USD.

Project Background

The Regional UNDP - The Coca Cola Company (TCCC) Partnership Initiative ‘Every Drop Counts' provides a framework and joint action plan for water-related programming in the countries of Europe and the CIS, with a particular focus on increased access to safe drinking water, facilitating the use of environmentally sound industrial technologies, and outreach and awareness-raising activities to promote responsible water resource management. Romania is one of the pilot countries under this Regional Partnership. The project in Romania aims at addressing communities’ access to water supply systems. This will be accomplished by raising local awareness on water issues, facilitating the development of feasibility studies and mobilization of funds in order to implement the construction works for water supply systems in three remote villages of Suceava county. This initiative is consistent with the Ministry of Environment and Water Management intention to develop a Strategy for Rural Development of settlements with less than 2000 inhabitants and it is in line with the provisions of the EU Water Framework Directive for the sustainable management of the water resources and with the national priorities established under the National Development Plan for 2007-2013. The current proposal refers to Suceava county and intends building upon the existing UNDP assistance and presence and support of TCCC for local development in these areas.

Project Objectives

The first phase of the project is aiming at the development of a comprehensive study about Suceava county. The study is expected to help gathering the necessary background information which can assist the local authorities and be be used for future development initiative in the region.The study will  assess the local development needs in consultation with local authorities and through questionnaires. This phase of the project will entails also the development of a feasibility study on potential interventions for the construction of  water supply systems in the three pilot areas, highlighting the most feasible option to be adopted.

Expected Output & Planned Activities

Rural communities educated through pilot activities and awareness campaigns within local governmental water/waste projects to encourage participation and sustainability; staff from local government, civil society and private sector trained on compliance with EU standards.


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Contact info

Project address

UNDP Romania, Primavarii Blvd. 48 A, District 1, Bucharest for the Romanian project component

Implementation Agency / Main Partner

The Coca Cola Company

UNDP Programme Supervision

Bogachan Benli, UNDP Turkey
Monica Moldovan, UNDP Romania

Contact Person in UNDP [Programme Associate]

Monica Moldovan

Project Manager

Bogachan Benli, Regional Programme Manager, UNDP Turkey

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