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Project ID: 59788

Status: completed (oc)

Duration: Jan 2008 - Jun 2011

Management Arrangements: NEX


Total: 460 000 USD


Energy and Environment

Geographic Focus


Support to alignment of National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and development of Clearing House Mechanism (CHM)



Project 00059788 GEF Project/ Component US$ 439,000 National Contribution US$ 21,000 Total US$ 460,000
Nationalized MDG Focus
Goal 7 Target 1 and 2
Convetion on Biological Diversity (CBD) was ratified by the Romanian Government and enforced through Law no 58/ 1994. Romania’s first National Strategy for Biodiversity was elaborate in 1996 and revised in 2001. The Strategy and its associated Action Plan is however outdated and needs urgent revision and alignment to CBD and national priorities. Romania has only made modest steps to establish a comprehensive Clearing House Mechanism (CHM). Currently, there is a lack of cooperation among various stakeholders, there are not enough partnerships established and the scientific community is insufficiently involved.
The project will align the National Strategy and Action Plan on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity with legal obligations under the CBD by looking also into the possibility of integrating the BSAP into the country’s national development priorities. Through this process which will be highly participatory involving the relevant institutions the project will address also institutional fragmentation through streamlining and clearer definition of mandates and responsibilities, especially for protected areas; the need to improve inter-ministerial communication on biodiversity-related issues; and the need to adopt a more integrated approach to biodiversity. The existing CHM will be strengthened and detailed capacity needs assessment of the priority areas for CBD implementation will be undertaken followed by the design of training modules.
Project outcomes
Outcome 1 Stakeholders align the National Strategy and Action Plan on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity with legal obligations under the CBD; a) stocktaking of existing biodiversity legislation, policies and assessment of existing biodiversity reports; b) analysis of BSAP gaps and shortfalls during consultation process with the relevant stakeholders; c) synthesis and collation of findings into a consistent document; preparation of an updated BSAP draft and submission for approval to stakeholders; d) incorporating comments into final draft; e) organizing BSAP final validation workshop.
Outcome 2 Stakeholders strengthen Romania’s Clearing House Mechanism; a) establishing of a working group on CHM; b) assessing of the relevance and effectiveness of current existing biodiversity data and the latest CBD requirements; c) determining through consultations with stakeholders the data/ metadata to be added on to the existing database within the Ministry of Environment; d) developing of the database/ medatabases building on existing databased within Ministry of Environment; e) developing the national CHM and linkages with the global CHM; establishing common formats and controlled vocabulary; f) training of staff in order to ensure future CHM functionality.
Outcome 3 Stakeholders undertake detailed capacity needs assessment in areas of priority to the CBD implementation; a) assessing of NCSA reports, policies and programmes; b) reviewing of exising institutional/ human capacity needs for the implementation of BSAP priorities; c) developing of a training strategy related to the CBD priority area identified; d) approval of the training strategy by staholders.
 (Achievements &) Expected Results
The project is expected to produce an updated BSAP that reflects the current state of biodiversity and key habitats in Romania with a feasible action plan (clear timelines and responsibilities), that is in line with Romania’s development priorities. Also, the project is expected to produce and action-plan, an information system and a fully operational website of common biodiversity and Clearing-House Mechanism at national level. Last but not least, the project will undertake a detailed capacity needs assessment in the areas of priority to the CBD implementation.
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Contact info

Implementation Agency / Main Partner

Universitatea Ecologica din Bucuresti

UNDP Programme Supervision

Monica Moldovan, Head of Energy and Environment Section

Contact Person in UNDP [Programme Associate]

Monica Moldovan,
Head of Socio-Economic Section

Project Manager

Rodica Stefanescu

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