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Project ID: 61965

Status: completed (oc)

Duration: Jun 2008 - Jun 2011

Management Arrangements: NEX


Total: 500 000 USD


Energy and Environment

Geographic Focus


Strengthening Capacity to Integrate Environment and Natural Resources Management for Global Environmental Benefits


Project 00059788 GEF Project/ Component US$ 470,000 GEF IA/ ExA US$ 470,000 Government US$ 21,000 Total US$ 1,200,000
Nationalized MDG Focus
MDG Goal 7
Romania has ratified over 20 Multinational Environmental Agreements since 1992, including the “Rio Conventions” on biodiversity, climate change and land degradation (CBD, FCCC, CCD) and prepared related Action Plans. Romania’s accession to the EU in January 2007 has triggered improvements to the institutional, legal and policy framework for environmental management, and led to the preparation of numerous environmental and sectoral plans, strategies and programmes. However, Rio Conventions management has continued to be fragmented and uncoordinated, and conventions implementation has been weak, due, in part, to poor integration of convention themes into EU-related reforms in policy-making, environmental and natural resources management, public administration, decentralization and regional and local planning.
There is a well-developed institutional framework for environmental and natural resources management, with Convention Units in the Ministry of Environment (ME) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). However, Convention responsibilities are unclear and convention units and activities are poorly integrated into ME and MARD programmes at national, regional and local levels. There are no or weak collaborative mechanisms to involve other ministries or stakeholders in achieving convention goals.
Project outcomes
Outcome 1 Enhanced institutional, legislative, policy and planning framework for implementing Rio Convention commitments; a) Institutional framework and processes for coordinated management and implementation of the Rio Conventions established; b) Legislation and norms amended to better enable mainstreaming of Rio Convention themes into policies, plans and programmes; c) Environmental screening is part of the national policy-making process, and officials within the Public Policies Unit and two Inter-ministerial Councils (Inter-ministerial Council for Agriculture, Fishing, Rural Development and Environment and Inter-ministerial Council for Regional Development, Infrastructure, Territory Planning and Tourism) are able to use it to integrate convention themes into sectoral policies; d) A convention monitoring system is part of national State of the Environment reporting, with targets and indicators to assess progress on implementing the Rio Conventions
Outcome 2 Improved capacity of ME and MARD to integrate environmental and sectoral resource management a) Enhanced technical and managerial capacity of MEWM and MAFRD staff to integrate environmental and sectoral resource management, using Integrated Resource Management tools; b) Codes of good practice, checklists and training established to strengthen Integrated Resource Management tools for integrating environmental and sectoral resource management programmes and projects; c) Regional Coordinating Mechanisms (RCMs) are established as demonstration models in two of Romania’s eight Development Regions, then expanded to the remaining six regions, based on lessons learned; d) Each of the two model RCMs implements a demonstration activity which shows how Integrated Resource Management tools can be used to address priority regional issues and results are disseminated to all eight Development Regions; e) A peer training network and database to support Integrated Resource Management is established to serve regional and local environmental and resource management staff
 (Achievements &) Expected Results
Firstly, the project is expected to enhance the enabling environment for Rio Conventions implementation, including by modifying institutional, legislative, policy and reporting frameworks to reflect convention commitments. Secondly, it will improve the institutional and individual capacity within the lead agencies for convention implementation (ME and MARD)


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Contact info

Implementation Agency / Main Partner

Ecological University in Bucharest

UNDP Programme Supervision

Monica Moldovan,
Head of Socio-Economic Section

Contact Person in UNDP [Programme Associate]

Monica Moldovan,
Head of Socio-Economic Section

Project Manager

Rodica Stefanescu

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