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Project ID: 78185

Status: ongoing

Duration: Mar 2011 - Feb 2014

Management Arrangements: NIM with CO Support


Total: 4 296 082 USD


Energy and Environment

Expected CP Outcome(s)

Capacity development for social inclusion, economic and political empowerment of vulnerable groups and for deepening democratic practice with special emphasis on initiatives with the potential to be adapted to the needs of Romanian ODA priority countries.

The return of former convicts to the labour market and their integration in society

According to a survey conducted by the National Administration of Penitentiaries, approximately 80% of former convicts end up returning in prison, due to other offences committed after release. This is the direct result of the fact that this vulnerable group is not receiving adequate assistance to reintegrate ethically and professionally in society. Moreover, the former prisoners are dealing with social exclusion on the labour market, as well as the stigmatization by the communities. Aiming to support the social and economical reintegration of former detainees, the project comes as a direct response to the social reinsertion of this vulnerable group through the development of a network of social inclusion centres built to increase the chances for integration into the labour market through new skills in green jobs and a society which is more perceptive and less judgemental towards the ex-convicts. The project's outcomes are: improved legal and administrative framework to facilitate the social inclusion of vulnerable target groups (convicts and ex-convicts); improved institutional and human capacities conductive to social reintegration and improved society awareness towards the need and importance of reintegration of former detainees.

Project Background

The project is developed by the United Nations Development Programme Romania (UNDP) and implemented in partnership with the National Administration of Penitentiaries (ANP), West University of Timisoara (UVT), The National School of Political Sciences and Administrative Studies (SNSPA) and Calarasi Regional Centre For Professional Training Of Adults (CRFPA)

"The return of former convicts to the labor market and their integration into society", launched in March 2011 ending in February 2014, has a total budget of ca. 14 million RON and  is co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Programm Human Resources Development 2007-2013, in line with UNDP’s UNDP's Country Program for Romania for 2010-2012

Project Objectives

The main objective of the project is to support the social reintegration of former detainees through the development of a network of social inclusion centers; increasing ex-convicts chances to integrate into the labour market through a series of training activities aimed to provide them with new skills and qualifications in green jobs, as well as training for penitentiary supervising staff to improve their interaction with the detainees.

Moreover, the project is designed to remove discrimination phenomenon and to encourage the dialogue and collaboration between employers, public authorities and representatives of civil society.


Expected Output & Planned Activities

Elaboration of a study and subsequently a policy paper on the institutional and administrative conditions for reintegration of ex-convicts in Romania, drawing upon the positive experience from other European countries.

Building two training centres, one for prisoners and and one for the supervisory staff, to be rehabilitated on the existing premises of Tulcea Penitentiary, in the Danube Delta;

Providing training packages to detainees leading to their profesional qualification in the occupational standard for the emerging green jobs (farmer, beekeeper, construction worker for wood, adobe and stone and weaving reed)

Awareness campaign promoting the social inclusion of former convicts, consisiting in a series of meetings and other specific activities that involve the participation of representatives from both public and private sector (potential employers), in order to enable the employment of skilled ex-detainees, trained during the project.





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Contact info

Project partners

The National Administration of Penitentiaries - Beneficiary

West University of Timisoara

The National School of Political Sciences and Administrative Studies

Calarasi Regional Centre For Professional Training Of Adults

Project address

United Nations House, 48A Primaverii Blvd, 011975, Bucharest, Romania

National Project Coordinator

Mr. Marian Dobrică - The National Administration of Penitentiaries

UNDP Programme Supervision

Ms. Monica Moldovan - Head of Programme Unit

Project Manager

Mihai Moia - UNDP Romania

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