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Project ID: 79899

Status: completed (oc)

Duration: Jul 2011 - Jun 2012

Management Arrangements: DIM


Total: 144 010 USD


Democratic Governance

UNCF outcome

By end 2015, line ministries have enhanced capacity to implement innovative programmes for social inclusion, economic and political empowerment of vulnerable groups, and for deepening democratic practices with special emphasis on initiatives with the potential to be adapted to the needs of Romanian official development assistance priority

Expected CP Outcome(s)

Promoting inclusive growth, gender equality and Millennium Development Goal achievement and fostering inclusive participation

Support to the Permanent Electoral Authority (PEA) and local public administration in Romania to implement best practices in electoral processes management

The UNDP will support the Permanent Electoral Authority (PEA) and the local public administration by strengthening their capacity to implement best practices in electoral management and to organize/conduct multi-party elections in accordance with international standards, consolidating democracy in Romania. The focus will be placed on the following areas of electoral assistance: a) training for the management of the PEA and local public administrations on anti-fraud measures that will be incorporated in a Black Sea regional training programme to be implemented in Romania and b) legal advice on issues related to political financing and electoral management. The project will also benefit from BRIDGE workshops implemented under the umbrella of the Global Programme for Electoral Cycle Support (GPECS).

Project Background

The Permanent Electoral Authority (PEA) is an independent electoral authority, established in 2004, mentioned by the Romanian Constitution and regulated by the electoral law. Between elections, the PEA ensures proper logistical conditions for the elections, drafts proposals concerning electoral reform and improvements to the election legislation. Besides logistical and legislative attributions, PEA guides, supports and monitors the local public administration authorities and their specific bodies as well as other categories of participants to the elections in the field of management and conduct of elections.

Due to the fact that the Romanian Classification of Occupations does not acknowledge the occupation of electoral expert in the public administration, there are very few forms of higher education or vocational training which address the issue of electoral law or electoral management as well as a general lack of interest from the public servants to follow any form of specialization in this respect. Also, due to budgetary constraints and lack other types of resources, PEA was not able to put the basis of a regular training for electoral administrators.

However, between elections, PEA conducts brief sessions on electoral law provisions with the electoral officials working for the local public administration authorities, but these are not performed on a regular basis.

In planning for future elections, the PEA has identified several assistance priorities, among which provision of training programs to the election officials is a crucial one.  Areas of training needs include a wide range of issues such as budgeting of elections; procurement and production of election materials; printing and securing the ballot and the electoral stamps; delivery of the electoral materials to designated sites, etc. Given the high costs of elections and the lack of a coherent practice in the electoral processes in Romania, there is a real and urgent need for implementing unitary and more efficient practices in elections management, the legal advice on issues related to political financing and electoral managementbeing considered as top priority.

Project Objectives

The general objective of this project is improved capacity of Permanent Electoral Authority and local public administration to implement best practices in electoral management for strengthened democracy in Romania.

Expected Output & Planned Activities

  • Regional training programme on Preventing and combating electoral fraud;

  • Legal support for drafting legislation pertaining to political financing, electoral management and dispute resolution in accordance with international best practices;

  • Implementation of a regional BRIDGE Training on electoral administration.


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Implementation Agency / Main Partner

Romanian Permanent Electoral Authority (PEA)

UNDP Programme Supervision

Anca Stioca, Head of Democratic Governance a.i.

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