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Project ID: 58892

Status: completed (oc)

Duration: Dec 2007 - May 2010

Management Arrangements: NEX


Total: 1 495 000 USD


Democratic Governance

UNDAF outcome

By 2009, administrative capacity is strengthened at the central and local levels to develop, implement and monitor policies and programmes, ensuring transparency, accountability and participation.

Strengthening the national institutional and educational capacity to carry out ODA programmes/projects (SNIECODA)

After joining the EU on January 1st 2007, Romania has changed its status from development assistance (DA) recipient to DA provider. In support of creating the knowledge, expertise and capacity necessary to assume the new role, the project “Strengthening the National Institutional and Education capacity to carry out ODA programs/projects (SNIECODA) worked in two strategic directions: capacity building for Romanian ODA and raise awareness at national level on Romanian ODA - including an education component focusing on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), human development and Official Development Assistance (ODA). After the first year of the project, the focus of the second component was shifted towards increasing ownership and knowledge on the ODA policy among stakeholders.

Project Objectives

Strengthening the administrative capacity at central and local level to develop, implement and monitor sustainable policies and programs in the field of ODA;

Support knowledge of and raising the profile of the MDGs and development assistance at  national level;

Facilitate the setting up of an academic graduate curriculum on international development studies.

Expected Output & Planned Activities

1. Capacity building for Romanian ODA

Preparation of secondary legislation for ODA: The Manual of Technical and Financial Management of Romanian ODA, in line with the national legislation;

Creation of the guide Recommendations for Institutional Development for ODA;

Identification of Romania’s comparative advantages as an emerging donor - creation of The Report on Romania’s Comparative Advantages;

Creation of a Romanian ODA Website: www.aod.ro;

Creation of an electronic database of national human resources Expero - as roster of experts -  to be leveraged by Romanian ODA and other multinational, international partners;

Organization of the first Romanian Development Camp in September 2008 at Cheile Gradistei, Brasov county;

Support for civil society engagements in the region was insured  by the following activities inter alia: Regional Black Sea conference; Working visit to the Republic of Moldova of a Romanian NGO delegation to participate in the Civil Society National Forum; Financial commitments to the European Development Education Summer School edition (June 2009) which took place in Romania;

Support for civil society engagements in the region were carried out.

2. ODA awareness raising and development education

An opinion survey on public attitudes towards Romanian ODA was carried out;

A public awareness raising campaign on Romanian ODA was carried out;

Partnerships with 5 Romanian higher education public institutions were created to implement Masters programs focusing on MDG, HD and ODA;

Round tables, consultancies and advocacy activities with relevant stakeholders were carried out;

TV documentaries in priority countries (Serbia, Moldova and Georgia) were filmed and aired;

Academic conference on international development studies were organized in 2010;

Romanian ODA visual brand was developed.

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