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Project data

Project ID: 79440

Status: ongoing

Duration: Jun 2011 - Dec 2012

Management Arrangements: NIM


Total: 400 000 USD


Democratic Governance

UNCF outcome

By end 2015, line ministries have enhanced capacity to implement innovative programmes for social inclusion, economic and political empowerment of vulnerable groups, and for deepening democratic practices with special emphasis on initiatives with the potential to be adapted to the needs of Romanian official development assistance priority.

Expected CP Outcome(s)

Promoting inclusive growth, gender equality and Millennium Development Goal achievement and fostering inclusive participation.

Support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop its capacity in implementing ODA projects 3

The UNDP will support the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop its capacity to implement ODA-funded projects. The programme is intended to support Romania’s efforts to become a lead donor of development assistance in the priority (and in-attention) countries and regions of Romania’s international development cooperation policy.

Project Objectives

The general objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to implement ODA-funded projects, to help better define the niche areas in which Romanian ODA can be most effectively channelled.

Expected Output & Planned Activities

  • Training for specialists in Central Asia on protection and sustainable use of the water resources in trans-boundary areas in view of strengthening the institutional capacities, the transfer of knowledge and experience and the increase of expertise of the Central Asian Authorities regarding the difficult water management with the neighbouring countries;

  • Training for specialists in Eastern Europe, Caucasus region and Central Asia (EECCA region) on drinking water supply, sewerage, urban waste water treatment and integrated water management to enhance capacity, transfer knowledge and experience on integrated water management;

  • Modernizing the practices of the Carabineer Troops from the Republic of Moldova in Order and Public Safety Management in accordance with the European and international standards through specialized trainings implemented by the Romanian Gendarmerie;

  • Support the implementation of the National Foresight Exercise in the Republic of Moldova that will lead to the development of the Strategy for Research and Innovation in the Republic of Moldavia of 2020;

  • Workshop on Democratic Transformation dedicated to electoral practitioners, journalists, academics and political parties representatives from Egypt and Tunisia to support the delivery of Romania’s democratic transition experience.



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Project partners

Ministry of Environment and Forests (MEF) – components 1and 2
General Inspectorate of Romanian Gendarmerie (GIRD) – component 3
Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports (MERYS) - Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Development and Innovation (EUFHEDI)- component 4
United Nations Development Programme – component 5

Implementation Agency / Main Partner

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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