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Status: completed (fc)

Duration: Sep 2004 - Sep 2009

Management Arrangements: DEX


Total: 7 501 394 USD


Democratic Governance

UNDAF outcome

By 2009, administrative capacity is strengthened at central and local level to develop, implement and monitor sustainable policies and programs – emphasizing transparency, accountability and participation - in the areas of public service delivery, environmental governance and the protection of the rights of vulnerable groups.

Expected CP Outcome(s)

Enhanced cross-sectoral coordination and horizontal accountability in policy formulation and implementation to support transparent and effective public service delivery at central and local levels.

Support to training of managers in the public sector through the Romanian Government Special Scholarships


In an effort to accelerate the transformation of Romania's public sector into a modern administration aligned to EU standards, and as part of its commitment to public administration reform, the Government of Romania has instituted a state-sponsored scholarship programme for civil servants and has requested UNDP support in implementation. The Romanian Government Special Scholarships (RGSS) programme is building tomorrow’s leaders by awarding grants to bright young Romanian nationals to pursue undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in a wide variety of fields ranging from public administration, public health policy to business administration at renowned international universities.

Through this project, UNDP takes a leading role in assisting Romania’s effort to invest in higher education and human capital. With a total funding of EUR 5,583,496 from the Romanian Government for a period of 39 months (September 2004 – December 2007), the RGSS is a valuable investment in youth and in sustainable development in Romania. This flagship programme is seen as a much-needed vehicle for promoting new standards of efficiency, transparency and accountability in Romania’s public administration. Romania’s commitment to have its most talented young people trained at prestigious international academic institutions will support the accelerated reform process in preparation for Romania’s integration into the European family.


The Government Strategy on the Acceleration of Public Administration Reform (2004-2006) has three major components:

a) civil service reform,

b) local public administration reform through continuation of de-centralization and de-concentration, and

c) public policy formulation reform.

Under civil service reform, the Strategy sets as an objective "to recruit in 2004-2005 between 600 and 1000 high-level civil servants, through a competitive non-political process based on merit and professional performance, to positions with attractive salaries and opportunity for fast-track promotion". It also specifies that "mechanisms for achieving this recruitment will include the Young Professionals Scheme, as well as national competitions to attract groups such as foreign-educated Romanians, experienced managers from the private sector and other sources, aimed at diversifying, strengthening and accelerating to the most the quality of professional managers".

The legislation on government-sponsored scholarships for civil servants and the creation of the public manager category within the civil service, which the present project seeks to operationalize, is a direct intervention to support the establishment of a highly-qualified corps of elite civil servants.

(Achievements &) Expected Results

Since the programme inception in 2004, many talented students - chosen for their leadership potential - have had the opportunity to learn and conduct research abroad. The 2004 winners, the first RGSS graduates, are now returning to Romania ready to kick start their careers as public managers. Trained to engineer a mentality shift in the public sector, they are expected to bring their modern vision to the country as future agents of change in the public sector.

The 2005 winners have already enrolled at European and North American universities, while the third generation of young Romanian leaders were selected through the National Contest / year 2006 and are now being contracted to enroll with prestigious universities abroad.

Expected Output & Planned Activities

Creation of a professional corps of public managers.


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12 Spiru Haret Str., sect.1, room 19, Bucharest, Tel/Fax: ++4021 3131397, www.burseguvern.ro

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Ministry of Education and Research

National Project Coordinator

Prof. Ion Ciuca - Project Director,

Ministry of Education and Research

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Anca Stoica, Head of Government Section a.i.
anca.stoica@undp.org , +4021- 201.78.21

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