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Delivering Results

UNDP, 2010







The publication showcases the achievements and results from UNDP projects undertaken around the world. It highlights UNDP efforts, funded by GEF, to mainstream biodiversity issues, build institutional capacity around the world, and support the implementation of the Program of Work on Protected Areas under the Convention on Biological Diversity



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State of Biodiversity Markets

UNDP, 2010








The report provides the status and trends of biodiversity offset and compensatory mitigation programs by geographical region. It summarizes the total active programs and developing activities, and broad metrics like total known payments and land area protected. It also analyzes the characteristics of offset programs and looks at recent developments in nascent and existing programs in the region.



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Biodiversity, Development and Poverty Alleviation

UNDP, 2010







The booklet, titled "Biodiversity, Development and Poverty Alleviation: Recognizing the Role of Biodiversity for Human Well-being", aims to demystify and illustrate biodiversity's contribution to development in its various dimensions and to offer some avenues for human and economic development that recognize, maintain and restore biodiversity.



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Financial Sustainability Scorecard

UNDP, 2010




The purpose of the scorecard is to assist governments, donors and NGOs to investigate and record significant aspects of a PA financing system – its accounts and its underlying structural foundations – to show both its current health and status and to indicate if the system is holistically moving over the long-term towards an improved financial situation.



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Getting Started in Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

UNDP, 2010







The primer offers guidance on how to assess the potential for marine and coastal payments for ecosystem services (PES) and provides pointers for designing and planning PES transactions. It describes: the opportunities and risks of PES schemes; steps to developing PES projects; and considerations of PES for poverty reduction.



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Natural Solutions

Protected areas, helping people cope with climate change

UNDP, 2010







The report focuses on the essential role played by protected areas in reducing global climate change impacts and how to build and strengthen protected area systems. It introduces key policy and management developments which are needed for protected areas to function more effectively as a climate change response mechanism.



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UNDP's Work on Biodiversity Management

UNDP, 2010







The brochure outlines UNDP's work on biodiversity management through two Signature Programmes: 1) Unleashing the economic potential of Protected Area systems and 2) Mainstreaming biodiversity management objectives into economic sector activities. It further highlights examples of UNDP's contributions towards the organization’s broader work on environment and sustainable development.



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Key Results and Lessons from the UNDP- GEF Biodiversity Portofolio

UNDP, 2010









The report presents and evaluates the results and lessons mined from all GEF funded UNDP biodiversity projects in five regions. It concludes with a summary of some of the future challenges that confront UNDP programme countries in seeking to conserve their biodiversity while attaining their economic and social development objectives.



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