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Election and Conflic Prevention, A Guide To Analysis, Planning and Programming

UNDP, 2009





This Guide to Analysis, Planning, and Programming provides readers with practical options and tools for programming design, early warning and conflict tracking. Drawing on seven country case studies (Bangladesh, Ghana, Guyana, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone), it presents lessons learned and good practices from the field in the framework for UN engagement in electoral assistance.



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Political Parties and Policy Development

UNDP, 2009







Using data from International IDEA's Research and Dialogue with Political Parties project, this paper analyzes the role of political parties in a democracy, especially how political parties fall short of their "ideal" functions when they adopt clientelist versus programmatic tactics to gain power.




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Primer on The Role of Legal Reform in Supporting Civil Society

UNDP, 2009






This Introductory Primer on the Role of Legal Reform in Supporting Civil Society will guide UNDP in facilitating state-citizen relations through a better understanding of the normative and practical aspects of the often sensitive issue of legal and regulatory framework allowing and governing the establishment of civil society organizations, and their space and scope to function in public life.



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Notes of Giudance on Electoral Assistance

UNDP, 2010 Download (32 KB, pdf)

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