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Disscution Paper

Green Jobs for the Poor: A Public Employment Approach

UNDP, 2009







This paper explores the potential for governments to create ‘green jobs’ in developing countries by funding public employment activities to preserve biodiversity, restore degraded land, combat erosion, and conserve water. The paper draws on the experiences of the Working for Water programme in South Africa and the National Rural Employment Guarantee in India.



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Mainstreaming Poverty- Environment Linkages into Development Planning 

A Handbook for Practitioners

UNDP, 2009








 This handbook is designed to serve as a guide for champions and practitioners engaged in the task of mainstreaming poverty-environment linkages into national development planning. Hard copies can be ordered through the Poverty Environment Facility.



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UNDP Technical Guide for Integrating the Sound Management of chemicals in MDG-Based Policies & Plans

UNDP, 2009






 The publication provides guidance on chemicals management and informs understanding of effective processes to integrate a wide range of environmental issues into national development policies and plans. It highlights important concepts with respect to the Sound Management of Chemicals and its role in supporting countries' efforts to achieve sustainable development as well as the MDGs.



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Making the Economic Case

Economic Arguments for Mainstreaming Poverty- Environment Linkages into National Development Planning

 UNDP, 2008







This primer provides guidance on presenting evidence about the economic, development and poverty reduction benefits of the environment to public sector decision-makers, so as to justify and promote “environmental investment”. Hard copies can be ordered through the Poverty Environment Facility.



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