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Enhancing Women's Political Participation

UNDP, 2009


This Policy Note presents a set of pragmatic recommendations that will enable policy makers to enhance women’s political participation in the region. These measures are the product of six national roundtable discussions organized in 2008 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine as well as a regional conference in Turkey in December 2008.  This Policy Note also presents the current status of, and opportunities for women’s participation in leadership and decision-making processes in the region.  Based on the evidence and regional data collected and analysed, this Policy Note is for parliamentarians, government officials, legislators, political party members, civil society organizations working on enhancing women’s political participation and media with the recommended policy and action options in the following three areas:

1) Legal and institutional frameworks to promote women’s political participation; 

2) Mechanisms and strategies to promote women’s political participation; and

3) Partnerships for women’s political participation: civil society organizations and the media. 

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 The Milenium Development Goals Report 2009

 Gender Progress Chart 2008

  UNDP, 2009




 More than halfway to the 2015 deadline to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), major advances in the fight against poverty and hunger have begun to slow or even reverse as a result of the global economic and food crises. This report warns that, despite many successes, overall progress has been too slow for most of the targets to be met by 2015. The report is coordinated and published by the Statistics Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.



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Envisioning Empowerment

UNDP, 2009







A 'Portfolio of Initiatives for Achieving Inclusion and Development' draws attention to the many legal empowerment projects around the globe promoting inclusion, expanding opportunities and contributing to development.



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Gender Mainstreaming in Practice. A Toolkit

UNDP, 2009



The integration of a gender perspective into programming and policy-making – Gender Mainstreaming – has become a key priority of UNDP. Towards this end, 'Gender Mainstreaming in Practice: A Toolkit' integrates a gender perspective into the analysis of work, home, and public life in order to improve policy-making and programming. This publication reflects the work of more than a hundred specialists, who have contributed their expertise to this collection of practical tools and guidelines, examples and illustrations. The toolkit targets public policy and development practitioners with varying levels of experience in this area; it also serves as a useful resource for NGOs and advocacy groups, students, project staff, gender specialists, and consultants. Available in English and Russian.


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 Empowered and equal

Gender Equality Strategy 2008- 2011

 UNDP, 2008











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 Innovative Approaches to Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment

 UNDP, 2008










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A User's Guide to Measuring Gender- Sensitive Basic Service Delivery

UNDP, 2009








 The Guide is produced as part of a UNIFEM, UNDP, and Gender at Work initiative called Gender and Democratic Governance in Development, which aims to improve the governance of basic services provision to women.




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