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UNDP, UN's global development development network, as a partner of the government strategizes and implements various activities for the development of Romania and its people. To know more about various projects and activities UNDP Romania is involved in, read

Making Things Happen - UNDP brochure 2007

Making Things Happen - UNDP brochure 2005

This publication illustrates various programs and projects run by UNDP guided by the Country Programme Document 2005. Concrete partnerships with the government, civil society, private sector and local communities are indispensable for the successful implementation of the country programme, in order to deliver tangible benefits to the people of Romania. The programs are divided in 3 areas of Democratic Governance, Poverty Reducation and Environment with gender balance as a cross cutting issue mainstreamed in all. UNDP Romania has been playing a proactive role in regional policies and is a an anchor of stability and co-opearation.

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