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  A Manual on Parliamentary Enagagement with tha Millennium Development Goals

UNDP, 2010







The UN Millennium Campaign and the UNDP Parliamentary Development team have launched a Manual on “Parliamentary engagement with the millennium development goals”. It outlines mechanisms that can be used in Parliaments to improve MDGs engagements; good practices in how Parliaments have made the MDGs a central part of their work and provides practical advice on how to work on MDGs in parliaments




 Download (448 KB, pdf)




Parliamentary Development, UNDP Strategy Note

UNDP, 2009






The Parliamentary Development Strategy Note establishes a policy framework for the services that UNDP provides in parliamentary development. It describes the niche of UNDP as a partner in parliamentary development, provides practical advice and guidance for UNDP governance practitioners and sets out key trends and lessons learned from parliamentary development experiences.




Download (182 KB, pdf)


Parliaments and Human Rights, a Primer

 UNDP, 2008  Download (249 KB, pdf)

Geneva Study Group Meeting

20- 22 July 2005

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