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Ambitious but Achievable Energy for a Sustainable Future

UNDP, 2010





This report by the Secretary General's Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change (AGECC) calls for concerted action on two ambitious but achievable goals: universal access for 2-3 billion energy poor, and reducing global energy efficiency intensity by 40 percent by 2030. The report also calls for the development community to make energy a major institutional priority.



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Capacity Development for scaling Up decentralized Energy access Programmes

UNDP, 2010



 Sealing an Equitable Deal in Copenhagen and Beyond

by Integrating Poverty reduction Efforts with Climate Change Goals

UNDP, 2009




This brochure calls for an equitable post-2012 climate change deal that addresses climate change and poverty reduction concerns in an integrated manner. It underlines the opportunity for collaboration on practical solutions to support the poorest countries out of poverty through low-emission routes to growth, energy access, and building greater resilience to climate-related natural disasters.



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Bridging the divide Between Poverty Reduction and Climate Change Through Sustainable and Innovative Energy Technologies

UNDP, 2009






This expert report highlights the need to bridge the divide between climate change and poverty reduction through innovative energy technologies and to bring about transformational impacts to address these dual challenges. The report argues that providing financing for innovative ideas, low-cost, low-emission, and pro-poor technologies are effective measures to harness their potential.



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Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change

UNDP, 2009









This advance document of the updated Technology Needs Assessment Handbook (TNA) provides a detailed framework for the development and implementation of technology needs assessments and in particular in the development of technology programmes and strategies in developing countries.



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