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Fast Facts: Adaptive Water Governance

UNDP, 2010







 UNDP promotes equitable access to water resources and water and sanitation services as a fundamental requisite for human development. In a rapidly changing world, UNDP's Water Governance Programme catalyzes efforts towards the achievements of the MDGs. The document provides a brief overview of UNDP's Water Governance Programme.



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Fostering Water Security and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

UNDP, 2010






The Community Water Initiative (CWI) has funded successful projects in some of the most vulnerable communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America. The publication highlights case studies that represent the types of projects funded through CWI that have helped foster water security in local communities while simultaneously helping them mitigate and adapt to climate change.



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Fast Facts: Water Supply and Sanitation

UNDP, 2010







UNDP works to bring about the necessary improvements in water governance to scale up water and sanitation services for the poor. Through its MDG GoAL WaSH initiative, the Water Governance Programme (WGP) focuses on coordinated country assistance by UN and other development partners and inclusion of water and sanitation in national development planning.



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Kenia: Bondoo Villagers Preserve Water as a Human Right

 UNDP, 2010





A project to enhance water governance using a "Human Rights Based Approach", funded by UNDP Kenya and by the UNDP Water Governance Facility at the Stockholm International Water Institute, was piloted in the Nyanza province of Kenya. The project is a success story as villagers in the region put an end to vandalism of water pipelines and started benefit-sharing discussions with water providers.



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Beyond Water Bribes: How to Build a Corruption Resistant Water Sector

UNDP, 2009



Hakan Tropp, UNDP Water Governance Facility and Chair of the Water Integrity Network, delivered the key note speech on Corruption: The Missing Link in Water Governance at the 5th World Water Forum. He stressed that corruption drains development effort, threatens the ability to reach the Millennium Development Goals for water and sanitation and makes it harder for people to break out from poverty.


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Corruption Risk in Water Licensing

UNDP, 2009






The report explores the nature of the risk using a 2007 field study of Chile and Kazakhstan as case studies for risk mitigation. The case studies show that the potential for corruption in water licensing is an important issue. It is at the heart of equitable and sustainable integrated water resources management.



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Country Sector Assessments UNDP GoAL WaSH Programme

UNDP, 2009








This volume is the first in a planned series of national assessments of governance in the water and sanitation sectors in target GoAL WaSH countries. These assessments inform the design and implementation of UNDP capacity building and technical assistance projects to advance national progress on the water supply and sanitation MDGs.



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Poverty in Focus: Equitable Access to Basic Utilities

UNDP, 2009







The Poverty in Focus publication, by UNDP's International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, provides an overview of the broad challenges involved in making access to basic services equitable and universal. It brings together a mix of policy issues and country experiences.



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Water Adaptation in National Adaptation Programmes for Action 

UNDP, 2009









The dialogue paper is one of the series of the World Water Assessment Programme side publications. It presents analysis of water links in the NAPAs and national communications plans of different categories of LDCs and opportunities to address and integrate climate change considerations into water resources management and decision-making process.



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Water Scarcity and Climate Change

UNDP, 2009








The report highlights the intensifying conflict between energy use and water availability. The report concludes that business and investors are largely unaware of water-related risks or how climate change will likely exacerbate them. It suggests steps for the investors to better understand potential water-related exposure in the companies.



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Water Supply in Shared Waters

UNDP, 2009







The publication notes that the key to achieving a sustainable development and management of water resources lies in resolving long term governance challenges; not least to enforce legislation and empower local communities and vulnerable groups.



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