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Partnerships are at the centre of all UNDP work. UNDP Romania actively promotes a range of development partnerships with a large range of stakeholders, local, regional, national and international. UNDP is consulting its partners in all phases of the development cycle, from programme design, through implementation, review and revision, to impact assessment and the formulation of new interventions.

The Government of Romania is UNDP’s most important partner. Through its responsibilities to coordinate efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, UNDP supports the Government of Romania in its efforts to improve the lives of Romanians through participatory initiatives that support national development priorities.

UNDP also works with civil society, including NGOs, community-based organizations, members of academia, and representatives of mass media. UNDP is also open to work with the private sector actively promoting public-private partnerships.

UNDP outreach and cooperation also extend to the international community. This cooperation includes various UN Agencies, some of which don’t have an office in Romania but occasionally need help on the ground, as well as donors and other multilateral and bilateral development organizations operating in Romania. UNDP also enjoys various forms of technical and financial cooperation with international NGOs and foundations.

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